“There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent” said Mahatma Ghandi. However, after parents school Teachers remain the key architects whose mentoring role shapes the outlook of a child’s external environment. SCIENTISTS say Early Child hood development occurs in the first 8 years of a child. This means that these are the most critical years of human life. As such it really matters what kind of learning a child is exposed to in thier first 8 years whether at home or school.

Today with a deep sense of gratitude I would like to pay glowing tribute to my first class teacher, Ms Kunda Mando.Yes I mean Ms Kunda Mando known to many as a Journalist. Ms Kunda Mando, was a teacher prior to her illustrious and industrious career in Journalism. As a teacher I can describe her as a ‘Teacher Par Excellence’. I was graciously received to Kindergarten/day care at Lumuno Primary School in 1994 by a calm and cheerful woman, I would later refer to as Auntie Kunda. Undoubtedly Auntie Kunda was so good with her work that evidently 28 years later she still gladly relates with an infectious smile to those she taught.

I would like to wish all teachers, A happy Teachers day. Especially all teachers who have the passion, tolerance and patience to groom their pupils.

Photo Credit: KEN DUMBO

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