Imanga Wamunyima

Nalolo MP

As a Member of Parliament, Imanga Wamunyima serves the district of Nalolo within Zambia. He focuses on four areas that he believes to be the most critical in the Nalolo district today: healthcare, education, agriculture, and water & sanitation.

The Leadership Our Constituents Need

Lawyer by profession, Imanga Wamunyima understands the terminology and steps that are required to instigate true change.

A Vision For The Future

Imanga Wamunyima looks to the future and sees a more independent Nalolo district: more secondary schools, better primary schools, increased agriculture, and empowered women and children.


Actionable Issues

Mr. Wamunyima has spoken out about the need for additional healthcare in the Lalolo district and a need for better access to clean water. These are actionable issues that require a firm, direct hand.


Contribute to a Cause

Change relies not only on leaders but also on the constituents. Raise your voice and support your community in whatever way you can – today. A brighter future comes to those that pursue it now.


Nalolo District

Nalolo is a district in the western province just 35 kilometers from Mongu. The district was created in 2012 after being part of the Senanga district since Zambia became independent. The initiative of the president at the time, His Excellency President Micheal C. Sata, to separate Nalolo from the Senanga was incredibly beneficial to Nalolo’s growth. Covering approximately 200 square kilometers, Nalolo is rich with diverse vegetation, water, and scenic beauty.

Divided by the Zambezi River, Nalolo has two sides; the east and west bank. There are four wards in the east and seven in the west. Aside from their people, the two sides of Nalolo are not connected at all, and traveling from one side to the other can be tedious and costly.
The Western side of the Nalolo district is home to the Litunga La Mboela. Her Royal Highness is the second in traditional in Western province. Since the Naolo district has many nuances, it is a melting pot for social, environmental, and economical development.

Mission & Values

The Zambian Nalolo district is one of the most underdeveloped constituencies in Western province and Zambia. As a Member of Parliament, Imanga Wamunyima’s priority focuses on 4 sectors; healthcare, education, agriculture & market access, and water & sanitation. Mr. Wamunyima’s mission is to aid the residents and constituents of the Nalolo district by increasing individual access to healthcare, education, and clean water. Imanga Wamunyima intends to do this by lobbying for new healthcare locations and secondary schools, and the drilling of new wells across the district. Additional values include positioning the Nalolo district as a location for agricultural learning and market development.

Ready to take the next step and help us?

Get Involved

A district is only as strong as the people who live within it. Your local Member of Parliament urges you to get involved in your community; you can be an agent of change, even if you cannot support the district financially. Spread the word, volunteer for local projects, and inform others of MP Imanga Wamunyima’s mission and values. For those who can donate, your monetary support is extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you.