Key Issues

Infrastructure & Beyond

Nalolo is a district within Zambia that is known for being markedly under-developed. The population of the Nalolo district is above 63,000, and transportation infrastructure leaves much to be desired. This factor alone makes all other improvements more difficult.


Unfortunately, Nalolo has no functional hospital with a morgue. It is quite apparent, within all twelve wards of Nalolo, that people have to travel much too far for basic treatment. In fact, most pregnant women travel hundreds of kilometers to give birth. Furthermore, existing centers are ill-equipped to treat severe illnesses.


Nalolo has vast areas of uncultivated, fertile land, divided by the Zambezi river. There is also abundant opportunity to grow the fishery and livestock industry. Due to copious amounts of ground and surface water, a wide range of agricultural practices is possible, like large-scale rice growing.


Nalolo only has three secondary schools – unrealistic for such a vast constituency. Just like healthcare, education is at its lowest in Nalolo. Schools lack critical materials such as desks, books, and supplies to create an effective education. These schools are also too far away for many families.


Access to clean water and sanitation remains a grave challenge, with many people walking long distances to fetch water. Natural dug wells do not satisfy this basic need that needs to be addressed. Due to the lack of a water supply system, sanitation is also a huge issue in the constituency.